Where to Begin with Word of Truth Bible Studies

Studies Pertaining to the Nature and Implications of the Gospel

The following lessons present various aspects of the gospel.

  1. The fundamental aspects of the Gospel are taught in the series “The Gospel” (GOS 1-6). The publication The Gift of Salvation is a written companion to this series and provides extra help in this area.
  2. We have been bombarded in our day with what some have called “The Prosperity Gospel.” This teaching holds that the Bible promises material blessing and prosperity to those who know and believe the Lord. This is foreign to the teaching of the word of God and is the subject of lessons PG 1-4. This series would be helpful for any who have been confused by this emphasis.
  3. Many Christians struggle with assurance and security in respect to salvation. Four studies in the Christian Living section (CL 1-4) entitled “The Security of the Believer” provide teaching in this area, along with a chapter in the book Foundations of our Great Salvation.

Basic Concepts of the Christian Life

The “Christian Growthseries (CG 1-13) explains the foundational concepts of the Christian life. This is a good beginning point for those who need to establish (or re-establish) the essential truths relative to the Christian walk.

The Christian Doctrine of Volition

God has given man the capacity to think, called intellect; the capacity to feel, called emotion; and the capacity to choose, called volition. This series (VOL 1-20) is a “must” series for gaining Christian maturity. There can be no growth until we accept full responsibility for our actions and reactions.

Verse-by-Verse Studies through Books of the Bible

The majority of catalog listings involve word-by-word studies of various books of the Bible. This represents the heart of Word of Truth lessons—exposition of the word of God in an orderly and thorough manner.

Systematic Theology

These lessons present a comprehensive survey of what the Bible has to say on specific subjects. If you seek to know the what the Bible says about Christ, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, angels, man, soteriology, eschatology, etc., select Systematic Theology from the main menu and listen to these lessons.